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Life insurance rates have dropped steadily for the past several years because of intense competition. The Internet has helped to accelerate this trend, with Web sites such as this providing instant life insurance rates information for consumers. Click on the link above, and then follow the instructions to obtain an instant list of life insurance rates particular to you.

We don't sell life insurance, so we have no reason to hide any information from your view. (Most Internet insurance sites sell insurance, and so they show you only the companies and rates which they can sell).

You should be aware that life insurance companies set their rates. The agent has no control over this. The life insurance product is the same, regardless from which company you obtain it. So why not choose the lowest cost company? To do this, use this website to find out the lowest rate for your requirements. Then, when you contact a life insurance agent (through whom you must buy the insurance), request that company.

Now, there may be reasons this is not accurate. For instance, your underwriting variables such as weight, health, family history and so on may not qualify you for the rate you wanted. In that case, another company may turn out to be the lowest cost. If you work with a good, independent life insurance agent, he or she can recommend the best company for your underwriting variables.

our current example

We periodically analyze the database for interesting examples, and we post them at this location. Our current example compares the difference in price between "standard" and "super-preferred" rate categories. Only a small percentage of consumers have the health and lifestyle features to qualify for "super-preferred" prices. Yet, many Web sites quote these prices without warning you about this. We are warning you; our purpose is to make you an informed consumer. We don't sell insurance.

Our current example shows annual premiums for a $250,000 20 year term policy for a non-smoking male of age 40 (only rates guaranteed for the length of the term are displayed):

Standard   Super-Preferred
$400* - Savings Bank   $205* - Savings Bank
$402* - Banner Life   $210* - Banner Life
$402* - Genworth   $210* - Genworth
$419* - Protective   $215* - Protective
$420* - Fidelity Life   $216* - American General

*Rates are surveyed periodically.

Bookmark us now so you will remember to check back for other examples from our database. Feel free to click on any of the above links to find out more, including contact information or a request for quotes.

Please note that most companies will not sell insurance to you directly. Rather, they will refer you to an agent. We provide you with the opportunity to work with an independent agent, representing many companies and with access to our database. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you for visiting. We hope this information helps as you shop for insurance. Remember to get your lowest rates before you leave. For your convenience, here is the link again. Click it to find:

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